Long Bow Making

There are no bowmaking courses scheduled for 2016, but plan to resume in 2017

Our Bluebell Wood YurtCourse: Traditional Long bow, arrow and string making course.

Dates: there are no dates scheduled for 2016

Location: Sunnybank Farm, St Breward, Cornwall, PL304LP

Booking Contact : Tim on 01208 850670 or timhutton@yurtworks.co.uk

Course Description: Four day Traditional hand tool bow making with natural materials. The aim of the course is that all participants not only make their own bow, arrow and string but also leave with the skills to go on and make others .

Our Bluebell Wood YurtTutor: Terence Carr. With years of experience making traditional English long bows and Turkish style horn and sinew bows we are very pleased to welcome Terence back to Yurtworks. This is a rare opportunity to learn with an exceptional maker and inspiring teacher.

Cost: £295 per person includes tool use and lunch each day, plus £45 materials includes high quality bamboo backed lemon wood stave, feather fletchings Cedar arrow shaft and brass pile, linen bow string, bees wax and resin.

Where to stay: Shared Yurt for £8 pnpp with woodburner and logs provided or book a Cornish Yurt Holiday Yurt for more comfort (available with a 10% discount for course participants).


Course schedule:

Arrive at 9am for a 9.30am start and the course runs through to 5pm each day.

Day one:
Introduction to the longbow, naming of parts,
Shooting the bow, safety, technique.
Different designs of longbow, from archaeology, history –to the modern day.
Type of wood, selecting wood. Walk in the woods to identify suitable trees for longbows.
Choose design and start marking up
Axe work and roughing out
Drawknife work

Day two
Making a bowstring from linen 
Shaping the bow
Floor tillering and tillering. Draw weights.
Cutting the nocks.
Stringing the bow.

Day three
Arrows , length, woods, fletching. Making an arrow with goose quills
Using scrapers and files. Continue  Tillering

Day four
Finishing the bow,
Shooting the finished bow

Bring clothes for an English autumn so include waterproofs and boots for a walk in the woods.

Coffee, tea, biscuits/cake are supplied along a cooked lunch.