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Our Courses

Sleeping in the woods beneath a tarp, with a hammock slung between two trees is a rare experience. With just a few skills you can make this a properly exciting and amazing way to experience the outdoors.

For the first time at Yurtworks we are offering a range of outdoor living courses, both short introductory and longer more specialist courses.This is a great way to develop skills or just get a taste of some of the skills for living outdoors.

With Bushcraft Leadership and Forest School qualifications.we are developing our range of courses that combine Craft, Nature and Outdoor Living Skills. We are fully insured and have all the necessary DBS clearances.


Prices are per person with a minimum group size of two. We also offer one to one sessions and a discounted price for group or family bookings. Please enquire for prices.

All day courses include lunch and materials.

Yurtmaking Course

A ten day course over five weekends. £180 per weekend, £900 for the whole course. An additional 2 day covers course is also available.

Click here for more details.

One and two day Courses

Introduction to Bushcraft and Nature Awareness. 2 day. £150 pp

Spoon carving. 2 day. Adults £130 per person

Forage and Cook on an open fire adults. 1 day. £60 pp.

Fire lighting includes making your own bowdrill kit. Adults 1 day. £60 pp

Basket Making. 1 day £60 pp



Short Courses

Fire lighting for kids. 2 hrs. £20 pp

Firelighting for adults. 3 hrs. £35 pp

Knife skills for kids. 2 hrs. £20 pp

Knife skills for adults. 3 hours £35 pp

Shelter and Hammocks. adults with a sleep out in the woods option. 3 hours. £35 pp

Dens and hammocks. kids with a sleep out option. 3 hours. £35 pp

Skin and and prepare a rabbit  for cooking . 3 hrs . £35 pp


To book or make further enquiries please email .