Yurt Building

We are planning on running two yurt building courses in 2017 to celebrate 20 years of yurt living and making. There will be an intensive 8 day course in June (details to follow) and another spread over 5 months starting in the autumn. Please send us an email if you are interested in further details.

Yurtworks is one of the longest running yurt making businesses in the UK and our courses are one of few run by a professional yurt maker. We have been making yurts for nearly 20 years and have visited yurt makers in the Kyrgyz Republic in 1999 and Mongolia in 2004 and 2005 .

Dates for 2016/17

November 19th -20th 2016

December 10th -11th 2016

January 21st -22nd 2017

February 18th -19th 2017

March 18th - 19th 2017

There will be an option to do an extra weekend for those interested in making a yurt following an authentic traditional Kyrgyz design. This will include making the wheel from a tree and increasing the number of roof poles. We shall also make natural cordage and rawhide bindings. More details to follow.

In addition to the ten day course there will be a pattern making workshop to learn how to make your own covers.


The aim is for everyone to learn the skills and have the support to make their own yurt.The yurts made will be as individual as each maker but will all be of the highest quality possible.

Building a yurt from tree to frame is a wonderfully empowering experience and although it requires no previous woodworking experience, the sense of achievement is immense.We make sure that everyone gets the support they need to make each stage through the build an enjoyable and rewarding process.

There is email support throughout the duration of the course outside the supervised sessions.

It is a very practical, hands on course which is why, with only a small group, we ensure that everyone gets a high level of personal and professional instruction.

We only use coppiced wood and hand tools on the course so there will be the minimum of power tool use, this makes for a better atmosphere in the workshop and shows how few tools you need to make a yurt.

Some people are able to source their own materials, for others this is more difficult. If you can source your own it becomes an even more satisfying process but we can supply some if not all materials if this is a problem**.

The course will also cover:

  • Yurt history, different styles and design, know your gers from your yurts.
  • How to see the wood from the trees: coppicing and wood selection
  • Use of hand tools and the shaping of all the different components
  • Wood steaming and wheel making, including branding, spoking, binding, wedging and oiling.
  • Shaping and steaming the roof poles.
  • Peeling and steaming the trellis
  • Drilling, knotting, sanding, oiling...
  • Making the doorframe. .
  • Unless you have alot of spare time and a ready supply of suitable wood it is wise not to be too ambitious with your first yurt which is why we recommend that you don't make anything bigger than a 12 or 14fter. If you have any queries about this give me ring or email beforehand.
  • Slides of Kyrgyz and Mongolia yurtmakers.

COVERS: There is rarely time to look at the covers in much detail during the frame making part of the course which is why we are running a separate two day course looking at different canvas options and canvas patterns in more detail. You will learn how to make a simple roof canopy, how to finish and join the wall sections, and how to mark up and fit the canvas ready for finishing.

This is being run as a separate weekend course (dates to be confirmed) and is only available to those who complete the frame making stage.

For those who don't want to sew their own covers we can supply you with our own professionally made covers from our workshop.

Course starts at 9.30 each day in the yurt and ends at 5 pm

Accomodation: Camping, shared yurt or local B and B.

Number of people: Six

Location: Yurtworks, St. Breward, Cornwall , PL304LP. The workshop is situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor with views across North Cornwall towards the sea.

Cost: £180 per person per weekend on the Yurt Building course, includes homemade lunch, refreshments and evening meal on the saturday. Discounts of 10% available for two people working on one yurt. Material costs are additional (est. £300 ex covers for wood and cord).



To register on the course contact us by phone: 01208850670 or email: timhutton@yurtworks.co.uk
To secure your place a 50% advance payment is payable, with the balance payable one month before the course starts.

*It will take longer than ten days to build your yurt.It's best seen as a winter project rather than something that you achieve in ten days. You will need to have time at home to do some work on it between sessions. The course aims to give you the skills, confidence and know how to complete what you cannot do during the supervised sessions.

** This will depend on the demand and the size of yurt.