Picture Gallery

Picture taking is full of wonders but its hard to shake off that feeling that you are always an outsider looking in on someone else's world.

Two visits made to Mongolia in 2004 and 2005 to study the history and and craft of the Mongolian ger makers. The journey included a stay in the far west of Mongolia with the Kazakh people in the mountains. The pictures are currently being put together as part of a book on yurts and yurt living.


I went to the Kyrgyz Republic in 1999 after a chance meeting with milk pasteurising equipment exporter to Kyrgyzstan at the Devon County Show. He was able to arrange an invitation which was still needed at the time. Although there are fewer yurt makers there than in Mongolia, the quality of craftsmanship was very fine.


These pictures are part of an ongoing project about wilderness called The Last Frontier. After cycling and working around Alaska for a few months I decided to come back to Cornwall and build a yurt to live in. I didn’t know then that it would lead to a 12 year long almost obsessive interest with these special round tents.



This selection brings together pictures of the camping yurts for Cornish Yurt Holidays as well as some views of Sunnybanks Farm and the coast and moor.