About Yurtworks

Yurtworks is Changing. After 22 years making beautiful handcrafted yurts we are hanging up the tools and turning down the steamer to move on to new and exciting projects.  Consequently we are no longer taking new orders for yurts or covers but will do our best to give support to all our existing customers.

Thank you for your interest in Yurtworks and to all our customers who have supported us over the years.

Please contact us here for more details.

7th March 2019

Everything we make is handmade to the highest specification possible combining local materials with fine craftsmanship to produce yurts in which the spirit of the trees live on.

The business started as Coppiceworks in 1995, specialising in tree planting, coppice management, green woodworking and other rural skills. We had recently bought a wood next to our smallholding, which we started planting up with useful native species that would be a benefit to wildlife and to the business. More than 1500 trees mainly oak, ash, sweet chestnut (a wonderful if not truly native tree) and wild cherry, have been planted and small areas of traditional hazel coppice have been revived. We have combined this managed woodland with areas of wilderness, grassland for the cattle and moorland to encourage different habitats for the widest range of plants and wildlife.

After a chance meeting with a yurt man in Alaska, in 1997, I came back to build my own to live in for a year; this was possible thanks to Steve Place of Hardwood Yurts and Stuart Whitehead both early pioneers in the green wood working revival and to Hal Wynn Jones who was the first to introduce the yurt to the UK and an inspiration to all of us who followed. What started as a personal journey quickly developed into a reasonable living, albeit accidental one, as one person after another asked for a yurt of their own. The demand increased to such an extent that in 1999 we became Yurtworks and started specialising exclusively in yurt making, yurt hire and yurt holidays. The yurts cannot be made without the wood and making that connection from tree to tent has remained a central part of the Yurtworks ethos.  We continue to manage the woodland here, when deer and squirrels allow, and also coppice an ash plantation nearby which currently supplies most of our coppiced material.

This connection between the yurts and the local environment is the underlying principle behind each part of the business. It is our aim to be as sustainable as possible, supporting both the business and the environment we depend upon. The yurts themselves are made from trees from local well managed woods, and are finished with organic oils. The yurt holidays not only make little impact on the land but also bring people a little closer to it while they stay here. It all enables us to look after the land for a great variety of birds, beasts and butterflies and the plants they depend upon.

Following visits to the yurt heartland of the Kyrgyz Republic and more recently to Mongolia, Yurtworks has looked widely into what makes these tents so special and has developed an extensive range of yurts and accessories as well as the yurt holidays that celebrate these wonderful structures.