Yurt Covers

Yurtworks is Changing. After 22 years making beautiful handcrafted yurts we are hanging up the tools and turning down the steamer to move on to new and exciting projects.  Consequently we are no longer taking new orders for yurts or covers but will do our best to give support to all our existing customers.

Thank you for your interest in Yurtworks and to all our customers who have supported us over the years.

Please contact us here for more details.

7th March 2019

It seems that after years of experimentation with acrylics and polycottons, it is natural cotton canvas that remains the most effective outer shell to protect your yurt from the elements. It is important to remember, nonetheless, that yurts, despite their overall wonderfulness, are still tents and don't like being left alone in the corner of a damp wood.

18ft yurt with round windowFitted Covers

Covers comprise of a single roof canopy, wall panels, and a wheel cap with clear plastic sewn into a star shaped canvas collar.

All our covers go through a fitting process and are designed to fit each new frame. They are made here on the premises where we are able to control quality of the fabric and the craftsmanship.

Raising the roof canvas on a camping yurtCotton Canvas

We use a white heavyweight cotton canvas as standard. It is proofed against fire, water and rot to MOD standard. Non fire proofed canvas can also be supplied.

Cotton canvas remains our preferred outer skin. Providing it has been properly proofed it provides an extremely weather resistant outer shell. Condensation is less of a problem than with man made fabrics, there is very little wicking of moisture through the seams, even where there is contact with the roof poles.

fabric samples for coloured yurt coversPolycotton

We also make covers from a plain weave polycotton fabric, in white, khaki or olive green. This is extremely hardwearing and also proofed against fire water and rot.
It is perhaps more resistant to mildew than cotton canvas, and the colours do not fade. It appears very natural and hangs well on the yurt frame. Some wicking of moisture along the seams is not uncommon.

Coloured caps can be supplied in a variety of colours.

Caring for your yurt

Yurts are a bit like boats, they need a bit of attention from time to time. From a professional viewpoint I don't recommend that people live in them year round in the UK. Of course many of us do and have done in the past without a problem, but unless you are careful to keep your yurt dry and ventilated they can get as damp as any neglected structure will.

The wooden frames should last a lifetime but they need a coat of oil probably every year depending on the weather and how its used. We have tried a whole range of oils over the years including an organic oil from Australia, and while Tung oil is probably the best, Danish oil is an excellent alternative. Apply thinly allow to dry and apply another coat.doors always get most of the weather although a porch will help with this. Make sure you build up the coats 8-10 is not unusual.

Covers too need to be checked for any small holes ( anything smaller than a penny we repair with a small canvas patch and some copydex, this avoids making more holes with a needle and thread. Any larger holes will need patching on a machine. Special areas to look out for are where the walls meet the ground or where they are sewn to the pvc mud flaps.

Mice generally don't like the proofing chemicals impregnated in the canvas but don't let this stop you making sure that your neatly stored canvas covers are well protected from rodent abuse.

Very easy to apply not evil to the environment unlike some and very effective, Nikwax is the best cotton proofer we have tried. Apply every year if necessary, easier off the frme on a flat hard surface, paint it on with 4 " paintbrush. A 16ft yurt will take the best part of a morning. Do it on a dry day so you can hang it up to dry.

Caps and windows can split and discolour, with age, they are easy to replace but it would be wise to order in October rather than March to avoid a long wait.